Catalysis Connected 2022

Turning CO2 and waste into the energy and materials of tomorrow

On September 15-16 we will challenge aspiring researchers in the field of catalysis to discuss their views and research on ”How to use the waste of today as our materials and energy of tomorrow” with a young multi-disciplinary audience of PhDs and PDs from The Netherlands and Belgium.

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Catalysis Connected is a two-day conference on the topic of catalysis ​fostering scientific excellence.

We invite you to take part in the program by presenting a poster, discussing your own research during the interactive sessions with fellow researchers, meeting industry professionals and of course attending our top guest lectures.

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Plenary speakers 2022


Bert Weckhuysen

"Introduction: An inspirational talk by our host"
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Pieter Bruijnincx

"Towards Molecular Redesign: A Perspective on Biobased, Circular and Safe Chemicals and Materials"
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Michiel Dusselier

"Reshaping the role of CO2 in propane dehydrogenation, from waste gas to platform chemical"
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Pieter Billen

"The quest for value in waste plastics: thermodynamic incentives for a circular economy"
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Ramon Ganigué

"Turning C1s into Cns Using Microbes"
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Harry Bitter

"Carbon and its role in future catalysis."
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