In order of appearance:

Saturday 24 August

Dr. Karin Föttinger, TU Wien
Lecture: Who is doing the job? Unravelling the role of metals and oxides in alcohol conversion on bimetallic Au and Pd catalysts

Dr. Riikka Puurunen, Aalto University
Lecture: Atomic layer deposition: Bridging semiconductors to catalysis and beyond

Sunday 25 August
Dr. Nathalie Tanchoux, ENSC Montpellier
Lecture: Alginate: A versatile biopolymer for functional advanced materials for catalytic applications

Prof. Bert Sels, KU Leuven
Lecture: Refining lignocellulose: Introducing the lignin-first biorefinery concept

Dr. Christian Hulteberg, Lund University
Lecture: 13 orders of magnitude: From molecules to chemical plants

Dr. Frank Hollmann, Delft University of Technology
Lecture: Biocatalysis for organic synthesis: Why and how?

Dr. Elena Groppo, University of Turin
Lecture: Spectroscopy & catalysis: An eye on the active sites, but not only

Monday 26 August
Prof. Bas de Bruin, University of Amsterdam
Lecture: Catalysis in single electron steps

Prof. Nathalie Katsonis, University of Twente
Lecture: Mutualism between auto-catalysis and motion

Prof. Moniek Tromp, Groningen University
Lecture: Probing (re)active species in homogeneous catalysis: Application of advanced lab and synchrotron techniques

Dr. Jan Philipp Hofmann, Eindhoven University of Technology
Lecture: Transition metal sulphides and phosphides as electrocatalysts for water splitting: Insights into activity and stability

Dr. Ivo Filot, Eindhoven University of Technology
Lecture: Hierarchical multiscale catalytic modelling: From the active site to the reactor

Tuesday 27 August
Prof. Nataša Novak Tušar, University of Nova Gorica
Lecture: Design of a photocatalyst as a coating for removal of organic pollutants from air and water

Dr. Evgeny Pidko, Delft University of Technology
Lecture: Theory-guided design and optimization of catalytic conversions of renewable feedstocks

Dr. Lars Kiewidt, Wageningen University & Research
Lecture: From powder to production: Supporting heterogeneous catalysts for high performance

Dr. John van der Schaaf, Eindhoven University of Technology
Lecture: High-gravity high shear reactors for intensified chemicals production

Jim de Ruiter

"Probing the chemical landscape of copper catalysts during CO2 electroreduction using Raman spectroscopy"

Nour Aljammal

"Aldol reaction making use of MOF materials"

Bert Weckhuysen

"Introduction: An inspirational talk by our host"

Arturo Pajares

"3D-printing of molybdenum carbide based-catalysts for the conversion of CO2 to CO"

Sandra Constant

"A glance at Avantium’s Lignins and Furanic Humins"

Pieter Bruijnincx

"Towards Molecular Redesign: A Perspective on Biobased, Circular and Safe Chemicals and Materials"

Michiel Dusselier

"Reshaping the role of CO2 in propane dehydrogenation, from waste gas to platform chemical"

Pieter Billen

"The quest for value in waste plastics: thermodynamic incentives for a circular economy"

Ramon Ganigué

"Turning C1s into Cns Using Microbes"

Harry Bitter

"Carbon and its role in future catalysis."

Tom Smak

“Mechanistic Insights in the Thermo-Oxidative Degradation of Polyethylene Waste to Di-Carboxylic Acids”

Zinat Zanganeh

"Carbon capture and utilization using heterogeneous catalysis"

Marta Costa Figueiredo

"Carbon capture and utilization using electrochemistry"

Kordula Schnabl

"Biobased materials"

Sandra Corderí Gándara

"Plastic recycling"

Oguzhan Akin

"Plastic recycling"

Oriol Gutiérrez Sanchez

"Carbon capture and utilization using electrochemistry"

Fanny Girard-Sahun

"Carbon capture and utilization using heterogeneous catalysis"

Shoubhik Das

"Plastic recycling"

Matteo Monai

"Carbon capture and utilization using heterogeneous catalysis"

Sebastian Rejman

"Chemical plastic recycling using a spent refinery catalyst"